SCM Group 3D Form Series Hydraulic Membrane Presses
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SCM Group 3D Form Series Hydraulic Membrane Presses

  • SERGANI 3D 30-14

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Position A - Tray Loading-Unloading Unit

The structure of the tray loading-unloading unit is made of anodized aluminium profiles. Tray is composed of an insulating material to reduce heat dispersions. The operator, once the loading phase of the panels to be pressed has been completed, moves the tray into the block press. It is possible to select the optional "loading tray automation" that allows the automatic loading of the unit in the block press. The tray, equipped with bearing wheels, slides on drawn guide rails. The sealing flange of the tray is made of aluminium casting with a silicone o-ring gasket. The entrance of the loading unit in the press block is placed on 1.340 side, to ease the loading-unloading operations of the panels to be pressed. To increase press productivity, it is possible to select a second loading-unloading unit with tray among the available options. In this case, the operator can carry out panels loading- unloading while the second tray is inside the press daylight. The two trays move simultaneously and it is possible to choose to have the second unit on the same side of the first one or on the opposite side.

Position B - Press Frame

    Constructive Features

    • Structure made of welded and normalised steel beams
    • The constructive design guarantees the highest level of resistance and rigidity in each pressing phase, thus obtaining greater gluing and surface quality of the pressed product
    • The components are all processed on cnc machining centres to grant the three- dimensional verticality of the structure and then assembled on precision templates

    Hydraulic Unit

    • It consists of a double pump and related electric motor dipped in hydraulic oil for a longer life and lower levels of noise
    • The first pump has a high capacity and low pressure for a fast platen closing with exchange valve to switch quickly to the second high pressure pump
    • To ease check and maintenance operations all the groups are in a single unit: high and low pressure pump, oil filter, control and safety valves
    • The cylinders are stress relieving treated to eliminate the mechanical stress created during welding. The alloyed steel rod is chromed with a thick layer and then rectified
    • Assembling is carried out with particular care and constant control of the dimensional tolerances
    • High resistance gaskets to grant a perfect and long lasting seal over time
    • The large dimensions special flanges grant a perfect guide of the rod even at its maximum stroke

    Flatness Control

    • The press is equipped with a mechanical system with 2 couples of racks, pinions and torsion bars for a perfect longitudinal and transversal control of the mobile platen movement
    • It is furthermore provided with adjustable side guides, for the sliding of the platen


    • Upper platen of the working cell in solid drilled steel, heated with diathermal oil for perfect temperature distribution
    • The bottom mobile platen is made of welded and normalised steel beams and then it is milled to realize all the circuits that allow creating vacuum

    Heating Devices

    • Diathermic oil heated by electric boiler- Maximum working temperature is 120?C

    The press is provided with an installation including:

    • Battery of electric resistors, composed by an independent unit, for the diathermic oil heating with protection against short-circuits
    • The resistors and the body of the boiler are made of steel with galvanic treatment for superficial protection. The body of the boiler is covered with thermal insulation
    • Pump and oil circulation system with safety device to protect the resistors in case of shut down of the pump
    • Electronic control of the circulation system according to different environmental conditions for a longer life of resistors
    • Expansion tank with bleed air valves and safety valves. The expansion tank and the pipes are made with specific materials for heating installations selected among the best brands
    • First complete filling of diathermic oil included in the supply; Electronic and electromechanical power drives
    • Electronic programming for anticipated boiler starting in order to have press ready when required

    Pneumatic System

    • The machine is equipped with a powerful negative pressure system and pressurised air storage tank, to ensure an immediate and constant pressure delivery into the working cell
    • All pipes for air and vacuum are made of stainless steel and are assembled with brass fittings with special seals

    Operator Panel

    • Colour touch-screen operator's control placed on the control panel console that can be positioned on both sides of the loading tray
    • The system is equipped with a dedicated software that makes the use of the press easy and immediate

    The following parameters can be programmed with the possibility of recall and modify them:

    • Air specific pressure adjustment inside the working cell according to the panel type and the laminating material
    • The system automatically adjusts the hydraulic pressure in proportion to the working pressing delivery
    • Possibility to save up to 100 working recipes (e.g. temperature, specific pressure, timer for pressing and panels dimensions)
    • Electronic adjustment of the time for each pressing cyclephase
    • Electronic control of upper platen temperature and membrane temperature display (optional)
    • Programming of the boiler starting time for every day of the week

    Furthermore the following functions are available:

    • Complete diagnostic and failures reporting with messages on the display. The system controls the main components of the press and reports the malfunctions that may occur for a quick and easy trouble shooting and working out

    Other Equipments and Features of the Press

    • Lifting hook for an easy machine loading/unloading during transport
    • Levelling devices mounted at the feet of the press
    • Electric cabinet execution according to UL CSA regulations

    Main Advantage

    • Electronic control of each phase of the pressing cycle, with standard or customized program according to the specific requirements of the customer
    • Internediate flange high definition even with complex shapes. Possibility to work with or without membrane. In case of membrane cycle, the ?intermediate flange? device allows creating vacuum between membrane and PVC, reducing the risk of wrinkles. Furthermore, it permits to execute a second pressing cycle through a cold air blast that acts directly on the PVC and separates the membrane from 3d elements
    • Hydralic cylinders the steel rod is chromed with a thick layer and rectified, all gaskets are high resistance to guarantee long lifetime and perfect seal


  • Inner Flange Dimensions: 2840mm x 1340mm
  • Maximum Panel Dimensions: 2740mm x 1240mm
  • Panel Width: 20mm
  • Working Cell Height: 60mm
  • Total Thrust: 300ton
  • N. of Cylinders: 6
  • Diameter: 140mm
  • Maximum Specific Pressure: 5kg/cm?
  • Mobile Platen: Bottom
  • Opening: 230mm
  • Loading Side: 1340mm
  • Voltage: 460V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
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