The Perfect CNC Router: The (Exclusive!) Raptor XPR Series from CNC Factory

During the month of August, we’ll be featuring various companies within the woodworking world and how they make an impact on the industry through innovative products, creative expertise and unparalleled customer experiences. Today, we’re taking an exciting first look at CNC Factory’s Raptor XPR CNC Router and Machine Center, exclusively available for Wurth Machinery customers.

CNC Factory's XPR Raptor CNC Router and Machine Center, exclusively available for Wurth customers
The Wurth XPR Series will take productivity in your workshop to new heights.

Company: CNC Factory

Years in Business: Established since 2015 by Chris Corrales, an ISO-Certified cabinetmaker of over 20 years. Chris has been making CNC machines for over 15 years, and their technology is based on his decades of experience.

It’s a game-changer.

With the manufacturing industry facing struggles like rising material costs and the skilled labor gap, it goes without saying that times are changing – and with change, comes innovation.

Enter the Wurth exclusive, CNC Factory’s Raptor XPR CNC Router and Machine Center – the newest and greatest in automated machinery, helping to make even the hardest parts of your day easier (and easily our #1 workshop essential).

CNC Factory said it best themselves: “The Raptor XPR CNC Router and Machine Center automates the most laborious and mentally complex processes in modern woodworking – eliminating heavy lifting from loading and unloading materials, intricate cutting, parts making and work area cleaning…all without G-code knowledge. Intimidation is no longer a factor since it can be operated with zero experience,” says Jae Santos, Marketing Communications Head for CNC Factory. Plus, its small footprint fits perfectly in even small to medium-sized shops, and can produce the output of up to 8 skilled workers!

The XPR Raptor CNC Router's cutting edge technology comes with a touchscreen and HD camera.
“Intimidation is no longer a factor since it can be operated with zero experience,” says Jae Santos, Marketing Communications Head for CNC Factory. Designed in California, the Raptor combines cutting edge technology from around the world to produce the most efficient and easy to use CNC machine to date.

It combines cutting-edge technology from all over the world.

“Designed in California, the Raptor is a true feat of engineering made up of the best technologies from around the world – Germany, Japan, Taiwan, etc. It stands out from competitors by how easy it is to use (with the 21” touchscreen with PC front end so you can design and cut at the machine; it has a visual interface, automatic vacuum controls, and no homing), and by our personalized customer service program (we even have an Advanced Exchange Program where we ship you your replacement parts even before you send the old parts back to us),” Jae continued. In regards to productivity, Raptor users can expect to process about 100 sheets during one 8-hour shift.

Bottlenecks in workflow are reduced at literally every stage of the process, from material loading to cutting, marking and unloading flow constantly – without the need for breaks or human intervention. It’s easy to use: operators need only adjust a few settings, and multiple jobs will queue automatically – saving your business time, and giving back the ability to focus on the more important tasks at hand. For safety reasons, CNC Factory recommends that one operator is always close by, however they can easily multi-task and work on other projects while they wait for the Raptor to work its magic.

It can be operated remotely.

Even more exciting? It can even be monitored remotely. This gives managers more freedom, and allows CNC Factory to help troubleshoot any issues by their technical support team without having to call in and wait for a mechanic. Sound too good to be true? What’s more – it’s affordable! The Raptor rivals competitors with its cutting edge technology from all over the world, and is still available at a lower price point than many other CNC routers out there. “The features and expandability of the Raptor rivals competitors with double the price point. Also, the Raptor is Working Cell-ready, which means it is compatible with our edgebander, CNC Insertion, and conveyor products which can all be manned by a single operator. And don’t just take our word for it, our XPR series has also been named Best CNC of 2020 by FDMC Magazine.”

CNC Factory's XPR Series has been named Best CNC of 2020 by FDMC Magazine.
CNC Factory’s XPR Series has been named Best CNC of 2020 by FDMC Magazine, and has received several other accolades for its innovative and easy-to-use technology based on decades of experience in the industry.

Check out the Wurth Raptor XPR CNC Router in action:

Excited to learn more? CNC Factory invites all Wurth customers to see the XPR in action at the AWFS Fair. Let their team know that Wurth sent you for reduced pricing and an extended warranty! Get free admission to the AWFS Fair in Vegas with CNC Factory’s exhibitor code:

Warranty Info:

CNC Factory: “The Wurth Raptor XPR has the longest CNC warranty in the industry of 20 months. All Raptors also come with a 5-year Advanced Exchange for parts, and lifetime customer support. Our support can be done virtually (the machines have an HD camera & Wi-Fi connectivity so we can see, operate and assist your operator in real-time throughout North America) from our tech centers in the East and West Coast.”

Client Testimonials:

Have more questions? Contact a Wurth Machinery specialist today at (800) 422-4389.

Tips and Tricks for the Woodworking Enthusiast with Lamello

During the month of August, we’ll be featuring various companies within the woodworking world and how they make an impact on the industry through innovative products, creative expertise and unparalleled customer experiences.

For this article, we’re showcasing tips and tricks from the award-winning “pioneers in wood joining”, Lamello. Their innovative joining systems provide durable and sophisticated solutions for wood processing, shaping the woodworking industry into what it is today. From geometric chairs to designer furniture and impressive outdoor sculptures, we’re going to take a look at a few of the many inspiring pieces that can be made with Lamello’s cutting edge technology.

But before we dive into all of your future project #inspo, here’s a quick introduction on Lamello’s P-System: Used in tandem with the Lamello Zeta P2 Biscuit Joiner, wood connectors are a fast and easy way to join wood parts in cabinetry, case goods, carpentry and so much more! Below, we’ll take a look at Lamello’s 3 main types of connectors (Clamex, Tenso and Divario) and how they can be used for various applications and projects – plus, some tips and tricks along the way!

  1. “The Corner” – Created with the Clamex P-14
Soft chair enclosed in a geometric shell on pedestal
An artfully designed retreat from the hectic bustle of daily activities, “The Corner” seating shell makes the perfect escape for high-traffic areas including lobbies, offices and more. Chair designed by Vinzenz Brutscher. Products used: Clamex P-14.

An artfully designed retreat away from the hectic bustling of daily activities, “The Corner” seating shell makes the perfect escape for high-traffic areas including lobbies, offices and more. “The Corner” was transported in separate pieces and then easily assembled on location with Lamello’s pre-assembled Clamex P-14 connectors.

Lamello Pro Tip: “When Clamex P is installed, simply press the parts together and use a hex key to turn the cam lever and engage to the matching half and the parts are joined leaving the Clamex parts invisible. These can be used in cabinet boxes, face frames, and [are] particularly useful [for] joining beveled miter edges.”

2. Designer FurnitureTenso P-14

coffee table with cutout areas
designer side table with geometric design
On the left, a designer table connected using the Tenso P-14. On the right, a playful shelf crafted from fine wood, connected using the Tenso P-14 self-clamping connector. Pieces designed by Nu LaKalu, Costa Rica.

Lamello Pro Tip: “Simply make the P System slots with the Zeta biscuit joiner or a CNC machine, slide the Tenso into place, apply glue to the parts and press the parts into place. This will squeeze out any excess glue and hold the parts with 35 pounds force until the glue cures. Once in place, Tenso is totally invisible.”

3. Asymmetrical ShelvesClamex P-14 & Tenso P-14

Asymmetrical book shelving
Asymmetrical shelf designed by Guillaume Cordary, France using the Clamex P-14 and Tenso p-14.

For this asymmetrical, whimsical piece, both the Clamex P-14 and Tenso P-14 connectors were key in the design process, enabling streamlined assembly and implementation. Seemingly straightforward, the designer was challenged with slanted shelves, which were made possible with Lamello’s connectors. Used in tandem with the Lamello Zeta P2 System, a creative, asymmetrical structure such as this one can be constructed in no time.

4. “Holz in Form” – Shaped Wood Using the Clamex P-14

Wood ball art in middle of room
“Holz in Form”, designed by Rupert Niedermeier using Lamello’s Clamex P-14 solution.

Literally translating to “shaped wood” in German, “Holz in Form” is quite the structural feat when it comes to woodworking. With the help of Lamello’s Clamex P-14, 380 square meters of oak veneer and 30 years of expertise – this amazing wooden ball has been created. The carpentry company that created “Holz in Form” has mastered all sorts of creations in various shapes and sizes for furniture using Lamello’s joining systems.

5. Large StructuresTenso P-14

Yellow canopy over outdoor seating area
The Lamello Tenso P-14 allows you to connect even large outdoor structures with ease. Project partners: Digital Timber Construction (DTC), Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, University of Sydney

If you weren’t impressed up until this point, you will be now! Even large outdoor structures can be seamlessly put together using the Lamello P-System. Here, an immense structure was created on-site with the Tenso P-14. “The Lamello Tenso connectors allow for the easy and quick assembly and adhesive joining (1K PUR adhesive) of the 200 individually shaped boxes with 1.200 miter joints where all angles were slightly different. This makes it an inexpensive, sustainable and fast construction method for freeform structures, interiors, stage design etc.”

6. Nordic Lighting Unit – P-System

Ship model behind glass in wall display
Get high quality, detachable connection with the Clamex P-14. Easily taken apart, it can be adjusted to the customer’s needs. AviNordic AS, NOR. Products used: Clamex P-14.

7. The Ultimate Floating Wine ShelfDivario P-18

Ultimate floating wine shelf
The ultimate floating wine shelf, created by Fink in Langen near Bregenz, AT with the Divario P-18.

To create a seamless floating shelf like this one, the Divario P-18 connectors are ideal. The connectors won’t be visible, yet still offers the possibility of detaching if necessary. Use the Divario P-18 to create solid sides for the shelves. “Vertical parts have been attached to the rear wall and horizontal shelves have been inserted. The ample tensioning force of Divario P-18 leads to a stable connection throughout the shelving unit.”

Pro Tip: “The Divario P connector is for horizontal shelves or vertical dividers. It allows for invisible hardware and it also acts as a connector as it draw parts together securely, holding them in place, yet also allows for the parts to be disassembled if necessary.”

Looking for even more inspiration from the wood joining experts? Be sure to check out their Tips and Tricks or their inspiration page! Or, check out some of Lamello’s other interactive resources:

Lamello Zeta P system for wood joining:

Lamello P System connectors: Zeta or CNC Router

Lamello Zeta P2 Best Practices

Overview of Lamello P System Connectors and Zeta Biscuit Joiner

Attaching Face Frames with Lamello Tenso Connectors

Lamello USA Instagram:

Have you made any projects using the Lamello P-System, or do you have tips and tricks to share with our community? Share a photo with your work on social media and tag @WurthMachinery for a chance to get featured on our channel!

To place an order or ask a question about our selection of Lamello products, please contact a Wurth Machinery specialist at (800) 422-4389.

Addressing the Skilled Labor Gap: Superfici Can Help.

During the month of August, we’ll be featuring various companies within the woodworking world and how they make an impact on the industry through innovative products, creative expertise and unparalleled customer experiences. Today we address a major issue in the manufacturing industry: the skilled labor gap. If your business has been impacted by this crisis, Superfici can help.

Superfici automatic spray machine
Superfici’s automated spray machines can help ensure consistency, reduce labor costs and can easily be learned within minutes.

Company: Superfici America

Years in Business: Started in Northern Italy since the 1980’s, American headquarters since 2005

With rising material costs, supply chain shortages and a skilled labor gap, the landscape of the manufacturing industry over the course of the last year has changed substantially. Up to 82% of U.S.-based manufacturers alone face a significant shortage in skilled workers, leading to production issues and greater problems down the road.

In light of this, Superfici has come up with a solution to help address the ever-changing situation of the manufacturing industry. An Italian-based company, Superfici has served for decades as a market-leading supplier of complete industrial finishing systems, recognized around the world for their premiere product range of automated solutions. Throughout the years, their mission has remained steadfast, expanding their expertise to include the production of coating systems for glass, plastic, graphic arts, metals and composite materials – and more importantly, they are committed to helping businesses like yours thrive by taking them to the next level.

Superfici Compact 3r sprayer
Product pieces on the conveyor belt on their way to get finished by the Superfici Compact 3R sprayer machine. Superfici’s Compact Spray Machines are the ideal solution for medium-sized businesses, featuring double reciprocating spray arms for two-stage application resulting in the highest quality finish.

Here’s what Superfici’s robotic solutions can do for your workshop:

  • Replace the need to find reliable labor, which is hard to come by in today’s market
  • Increased production capacity compared to hand spraying
  • No more painter burnout
  • 100% Consistency – Outputs perfectly finished product, every time
  • Get back up to speed – start competing with larger workshops with automated machinery and meet market demand
  • Convenient Size – Superfici’s Mini Plus automated sprayer fits in small spaces
  • Cost savings on labor
  • Time – prioritize more important projects while the Superfici Mini Plus gets the job done for you
  • Easy to learn – anybody with basic smartphone or computer skills can learn to operate the Superfici Mini within mere minutes
  • Amazing customer service and training resources after purchase
  • Highly-customizable solutions to accommodate each individual client’s needs – it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution
  • Easy installation – get up and running same day of delivery

Superfici is on your side when it comes to accommodating client needs, customization and making the automated experience as seamless as possible. “We offer complete turn-key solutions customized to their current and estimated future production needs, and package everything into our installation for them so they do not have to communicate with any other suppliers. We also customize the programming of the machines to match their current workloads and product specifications, so that from day one when our machines are installed, they’re off to the races ready to run – the goal of course is to minimize or eliminate any down time in the transition. We consider everything in the consultation phase – available space, airflow, ventilation, team size, finished feet per minutes/products per day to maximize profitability,” said U.S. division Superfici Marketing Manager, Jeff Henry.

large unique lecture hall
Large or small, the Superfici automated spray machines are equipped to handle any task.

Here’s an idea of how much time the Superfici Mini Plus can really save you:

  • Automatic Spray Machine: 5-10 minutes vs. Manual Spraying: 40-45 minutes
  • Automatic Spray Machine: Up to 1,000 pieces per day, 2-coat process or 750 per day with a 3 coat process vs.
  • Manual Painter: 120 pieces per day with a 2-coat process, or 80 pieces per day with a 3-coat process.

“The impact on our company has been amazing, really. The volume of material we can finish in half a day with the machine is more than we could have done in a full day with four booths running, and the cost savings on labor and adding those booths is significant.”

-Superfici Customer Robert Malandrino, Production Supervisor for Alka Kitchen Cabinets, Weston, Ontario

While you may think that purchasing one of these automated machines is too costly for the size of your workshop, the numbers suggest otherwise. Here’s the breakdown: According to Superfici’s Marketing Manager Jeff Henry, “On average in the USA, a professional manual spraying technician costs about $20 US, or about $150 per day [not including benefits and other job perks]. Contrast that with a Superfici America Mini automated reciprocal spray machine on a 5-year-lease, which runs about $76 per day, and most resistance to automation starts to crumble.”

Still not sure if Superfici’s solution can meet your needs? Here a few questions to help you get started:

  1. Does your finishing capacity meet your current manufacturing demands?
  2. Has manually spraying cause any negative impacts to your business (ie, inconsistent quality, slow production, etc)?
  3. Is every piece 100% consistent and help to the highest standards, each and every time?
  4. Have you had difficulty finding reliable, talented workers during the skilled labor gap crisis?
  5. Do you hope to expand your manufacturing capabilities, and your business in general? What business objectives does your workshop have for the next five years?

Ready to learn more? Contact a Wurth Machinery specialist today at (800) 422-4389.

Modern Workshop Essentials: Top 5 Machines You Didn’t Know You Needed

During the month of August, we’ll be featuring various companies within the woodworking world and how they make an impact on the industry through innovative products, creative expertise and unparalleled customer experiences. Today, we’re showcasing our top five modern workshop essentials you didn’t know you needed.

Powermatic 100 years seal

For 100 years, Powermatic has set the Gold Standard for quality and has provided master woodworkers around the world with premiere, thoughtfully crafted machines that push the limits of engineering and design, allowing woodworkers to expand their creative abilities and build amazing works of art. With an extensive range of products supplying both commercial businesses and hobbyists alike, Powermatic is widely known for its excellence in providing both innovative equipment and unparalleled customer service. Touting nationally recognized industry names like Nick Cook and Marc Spagnuolo (AKA, the “Woodwhisperer”) as brand ambassadors, we think we can safely say that Powermatic tools are well worth the wait.

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, they recently launched their limited edition Centennial Collection, featuring seven expertly-devised machines designed to help outfit the modern workshop with reliable gear.

PWBS-14CS Bandsaw

54 6″ Jointer

15HH 15″ Deluxe Planer

PM1200TX Dust Collector

PM1000 Table Saw

PM2820EVS Drill Press

3520C Lathe

With Powermatic’s long-standing commitment to excellence and their customers, it’s no wonder why we are proud to carry the Powermatic line of machinery. To better serve our customers and give you the scoop on what’s happening in the industry, we got on the phone to learn a thing or two from their expertise. Enter Powermatic’s Regional Sales Manager, Jared Skillicorn, who we’ve asked for his top five product recommendations that every modern woodworker should have in their workshop.

man sanding a cutting board project with powermatic AFS next to it
Quiet and effective, the PM1250 efficiently removes harmful particles in the air down to 0.1 micron in size, helping you to achieve a cleaner work environment.
  1. The Powermatic PM1250 Micro Dust AFS

What is it: Micro Dust Air Filtration System

Why you need it: Breathe safe, clean air with confidence. Built with Micro Dust Collection Technology, Powermatic’s innovative air filtration system is the ideal workshop accessory for any level, novice or expert. It’s patented filter technology works like a magnet, capturing the most harmful particles down to 0.1 micron in the air with ultra-quiet efficiency, continually purifying the air in your shop without creating distraction while you work.

The PM1250 Micro Dust AFS cycles air at a rate of 5x per hour and is proven to reduce airborne particles by 99.7% in a 680 square foot area. It also includes multiple mounting positions for maximum versatility, as well as a convenient carrying handle at the top.

For full product details, see here.

air flow through powermatic AFS works
Patented filter technology works like a magnet, capturing the most harmful particles from the air down to 0.1 micron in size, proven to reduce airborne particles by 99.7%* (*in a 680 sq ft area)

2. Powermatic PM1300TX-CKW 1.75Hp/1 Phase Dust Collector 2-Micron Canister Kit 100 Years Edition

Powermatic dust collector among other shop equipment
Clean meets convenience: Maintaining a clean workshop is a necessity. Pictured here, the 100 Years Edition Powermatic Dust Collector.

What is it: Dust Collector

Why you need it: Clean meets convenience! Maintaining a clean workshop is a necessity. The 100 Years Edition Dust Collector not only looks nice and polished, but it also features exclusive TurboCone™ technology, which aids in preventing clogged filers with improved chip separation.

Superior to standard bags, the PM1300TX has the ability to capture 98% of 2-micron particles, and includes an infrared sensor for remote control operation. Large bags allow for more time between changes, and built-in swivel canisters along with conveniently located handles allow for easy mobility.

3. Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press 1HP 1Ph 115/230V

Drill press
Durable, innovative and easy to use, the PM2800B Drill Press was designed for woodworkers, by woodworkers.

Durable, innovative and easy to use, the PM2800B Drill Press was designed for woodworkers, by woodworkers. Industry expertise drove the design process for this machine, which not only raises the workshop experience to new levels of performance and functionality, but is also designed to be as intuitive as possible so that you can get back to focusing on the more creative tasks at hand. Fully equipped with features like LED worklights, laser guides and more, this Drill Press helps to improve accuracy and efficiency, making it 3rd on our list of workshop essentials.

Learn more about the PM2800B here.

4. Powermatic 3520C Lathe 2HP 2Ph 220V

Powermatic lathe
Versatility and style meets function with Powermatic’s upgraded version of their long-lathed lathe.

What is it: New & Improved Lathe

Why you need it: The long-loved lathe gets an upgrade! The fourth evolution of its kind, the 3520C model now comes with several new and improved functions, including a movable control box for full versatility, height adjustment risers, an ergonomic spindle lock design and more. Don’t fret though – the upgraded lathe still retains its popular features from the model’s previous counterparts, including the sliding headstock, variable speed settings and more. Learn more about these popular workshop essentials here.

Nick Cook demonstrates the Powermatic 3520C Lathe
Nationally recognized woodturner Nick Cook demonstrates his skill on the Powermatic 3520C Lathe.

5. Powermatic PWBS-14CS Band Saw with Stand and Riser Block 100 Years Edition

hands showing wood cuts using a band saw
A 15×20″ 2-piece table comprised of a tilting section and extension make for an ample work surface.

Designed with a large working surface of 15″x20″, the PWBS-14CS Bandsaw’s extra large cast iron table is comprised of a 15×15″ tilting section and 15×5 extension. Now equipped with a Poly-V belt, which helps maximize power transmission while minimizing noise and vibration. The bandsaw also boasts an adjustable 60watt lamp built in, to provide convenient and direct light on the table during cutting. Get precise blade control with less friction with its durable micro-adjustable dual bearing blade guide system.

For a full product description and specs, visit our link here.

What are some workshop essentials that you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below!

All products from the Powermatic line come with a 5-year warranty for home users and school, and 2-year warranties for professional shops. For full warranty details on Powermatic’s line of products, please visit

Interested in purchasing a Powermatic tool, or simply want to learn more? Check out their resources below for additional information, or contact a Wurth Machinery specialist at (800) 422-4389.

Powermatic Videos:

Jet Tools USA YouTube Channel:

Powermatic YouTube Channel:

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SawGear: Position Yourself For Success with an Automated Positioner

During the month of August, we’ll be featuring various companies within the woodworking world and how they make an impact on the industry through innovative products, creative expertise and unparalleled customer experiences.

Today, we’re shedding some light on the most commonplace workshop essential, and why you can now ditch it for good: the tape measure. For this week’s company highlight, we’re featuring TigerStop: a company that has revolutionized the woodworking industry (as well as many others!) for 28 years with their innovative automated machinery, the SawGear.

woodworker working with the SawGear
Form meets functionality with SawGear, the versatile (and portable!) solution for taking accuracy and efficiency in the workshop to the next level. (Image courtesy of TigerStop).

Easily the most expensive item in the modern woodworker’s toolkit is the tape measure. The experts at TigerStop have done the math – so before you disagree, just think about it: a manual tape measure leaves room for mistakes. And mistakes cost time, money and valuable resources. So long gone are the days of “measure twice, cut once” – time spent carefully measuring and marking material is valuable time that could instead be spent accomplishing more rewarding tasks.

Woodworker setting SawGear
The SawGear automates your existing equipment and cuts parts perfectly, every time.

Here’s where your old-fashioned tape measure is probably hurting you:

Time spent reworking.

Time costs money. If a worker is spending their time fixing prior mistakes when they could be tackling new projects, then it’s possible that your shop’s workflow is not as efficient as it could be. The average worker could be spending up to six hours out of their workday on measuring alone, causing some serious productivity issues.

Scraps and wasted materials.

Particularly as is the case during the pandemic, raw material costs are rising (up 200%!) and wasted supplies are money down the drain, no way around it. According to TigerStop, “studies suggest that for every 100 parts cut, between 2 and 6 are miscut.” So take a hard look at your workshop’s scrap bucket and ask yourself – how much are you losing on mistakes that could’ve easily been avoided?

SawGear measuring device
It’s time to ditch the tape measure – automate your existing tools and streamline your work process with the SawGear solution.

So, what’s the solution? An automated positioner is three times more productive than the ordinary manual tape measure. An automated stop gauge cuts parts perfectly every time, and streamlines your efforts by reducing the time spent fixing mistakes – helping to in turn reduce material costs and waste as a result. These innovative features allow you to cut more material in a work day, and ultimately substantially reduce labor and material costs.

The best part? It’s so easy to use! Absolutely no previous knowledge or expertise is required to successfully operate the SawGear. Even an entry-level operator can be trained within minutes.

According to TigerStop’s Marketing Director and SawGear expert Elizabeth Dick, “Zero knowledge is needed to run these machines. If you can use a cell phone, you can use a TigerStop. There is a crisis going on in manufacturing called the skilled labor gap. There are not enough skilled workers entering manufacturing. Our machinery helps counteract this crisis because an operator with zero training can use our equipment in less than five minutes.”

So to recap, here’s why SawGear’s innovative technology can help you finally ditch that tape measure (and save money!):

  • Streamlines workflow – smaller workshops can now easily compete with larger competitors
  • Productivity – increases the productivity from your tool 3-4X, small shops can produce more with less employees
  • Saves you money – with rising material costs, the SawGear can help you ensure that you get maximum yield out of your material.
  • Fewer mistakes – saves you time, no more reworking
  • It’s super affordable – in fact, it saves you so much money in the long run, you really can’t afford not to have it.
  • Easily attach the tools you already own, making them fast, accurate and automated – getting full productivity out of your existing equipment. Adapts to chop saws, upcut saws, vertical panel saws, double miter saws, ironworkers, drills & more.
  • Portable – Compact and lightweight, the SawGear can be taken from workshop to jobsite with ease.
  • Versatile – The sky is the limit with what you can create, from beehives and wine barrels, to reclaimed furniture.
  • Cut list functionality allows you to program cut lists
  • Accurate to +/-.008″ and repeatable, unlike your tape measure
  • Quickly converts fractions to decimals so you don’t have to worry about dealing with difficult measurements like 9/64
  • Can be used in metric as well!
Cooper making a wood wine barrel
The SawGear is up for the challenge! SawGear can help with everything from wine barrels to reclaimed wood furniture. (Image courtesy of TigerStop).

Still not convinced? TigerStop has calculated that using the SawGear can save your business roughly $36K per year per worker – just in labor time alone! Check out this article from TigerStop to see the breakdown.

For a limited time, save [pays to wait promo] on the SawGear solution when you preorder between [insert dates here]. Ready to learn more? Check out the SawGear here for yourself, or contact a Wurth Specialist at (800) 422-4389.

Interested in learning more about what TigerStop has to offer? They’re there for you. Check out some of their resources!

Product Overview

SawGear overview & features:

SawGear overview & features.

Attachable tools:

Blog: What Can You Automate?

Reducing Scrap Material:

Perfromance indicator for reducing material waste. (Blog)


Notable professionals that use SawGear:

Gary Katz from This is Carpentry:

Ethan Abramson:

Archways and Ceilings:

NS Builders:

Generation Builders:

Project examples:


Wine Barrels:

Reclaimed Furniture:

Crate Manufacturing:

Additional Software Resources:

Product Configurator Tool:

ROI Calculator:

Spare Parts:

Warranty Info:

Troubleshooting & Customer Service:

Bringing Innovative Ideas to Life: The Portable CNC Router That Can Create Anything, Anywhere

During the month of August, we’ll be featuring various companies within the woodworking world and how they make an impact on the industry though innovative products, creative expertise and unparalleled customer experiences. Today we’re talking all things creativity and convenience with Goliath’s portable CNC router – and the sky really is the limit.

Company: Goliath CNC

Years in Business: Created in 2014, launched since 2017.

Introducing the portable CNC router that you can take anywhere! Remove the boundaries of traditional CNC machines: you can now take your creative expertise with you, wherever you want to work. The first of its kind, the Goliath CNC portable router is not only small in size and lightweight (approximately 33 lbs.) for easy mobility – it’s also affordable, precise, and equipped with smart technology. And we can smart! Image this: putting your Goliath to work on a project while you step out for a coffee! Now that’s innovation, and exactly why we wanted to get on a call with Goliath expert and Regional Manager for Springa, Giorgia Valoti.

The portable Goliath CNC Router can create anything, anywhere.
The Goliath gets to work transforming creative ideas into tangible designs. Image courtesy of Goliath CNC.

Wurth Machinery: It’s really amazing what the Goliath can do. To give our audience a clearer idea of who the Goliath is meant for, can you tell us a little more about who benefits from having one of these machines?

GV: “We envisioned Goliath being the perfect tool for whomever wants to create small or big projects, in the crafty industry. Think the local artist who is crafting projects for a local gallery or exhibition, the hobbyist who wants to build something special and unique for their home right in their garage or shed, the carpenter who has received an order from a client who may not have the space or possibility to build it in their environment; the architect studio that wants to easily work on models on a higher scale than what they’re used to; the handy parent who wants to build a desk for his or her kid where they can draw and play.

Goliath is so versatile and easy to use that it can stimulate one’s imagination and make it happen at the same time. These are just a few examples. The interesting thing is that, both professionals and DIY lovers enjoy the possibility to have a flexible tool that autonomously gives them the chance to realize big projects, not fixed in a workshop space.”

A pod chair crafted with the Golaith CNC portable router.
An expertly crafted and beautifully designed pod chair, made with the Goliath portable CNC router. Image courtesy of Goliath CNC.

Wurth Machinery: What is your favorite feature about the Goliath? In your personal experience, how does it differ from other CNC machines out there?

GV: “The first feature that comes to mind when we think about Goliath, of course, is how autonomous it is. This is the staple peculiarity of the robot and the one thing that users appreciate when using it. Goliath is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t allow you to make mistakes, and, if you make one, it corrects you immediately through prompts – so that before you start your project, you know the end result is exactly what you’d expect it to be.

Another feature we love is the ratio between its size and the work area it can work on: this is the most distinctive feature compared to other CNC [machines] on the market, because the size and footpring of Goliath is comparable to a desktop machine, but its work area reaches the dimensions of a professional CNC workcenter.”

The Goliath's convenient small size and low weight allows you to create from anywhere.
Thanks to its convenient small size and low weight, the Goliath portable CNC router allows you to create from anywhere.

Wurth Machinery: What knowledge does one need to have in order to operate the Goliath?

GV: “None, zero. To operate Goliath, you don’t need any specific knowledge, many of our customers are people who have no experience in CNC. Like most of the manual tools, you learn as you go and you become more and more confident, but the bottom line is that you do not need a degree or years of experience to be able to use it.

People on our young team never operated any machinery before, but after spending an afternoon playing with Goliath, they could draw (or import a project from the web) an image and they were successful at doing it. All you need to know is what you want to create and all you have to do is till it to the software, give it the green light, go grab a coffee and come back to see the beautiful project you have just created.”

Wurth Machinery: What additional learning resources does Goliath have in case our audience wants to learn more?

GV: “We have established a YouTube channel that customers can research and there are a lot of videos and tutorials that are very well done and easy to follow. You can watch them while operating the robot, pause them, do what you need to do and restart them. Because we are an international company and live on different time zones, sometimes it’s not possible to be ‘live’, so this is how some members of the team were able to learn and set up Goliath and even create their own projects, as part of their own training. Moreover on our website you can find the link to the Goliath CNC Forum, which is newborn, but it already collects a few experiences, opinions, problems, and questions from the first users, which could be a great resource also for people who want to learn more on the robot and the whole system. Lastly, we share free downloadable projects, tested by us, which are another resource to start as a beginner.”


Wurth Machinery: Any exciting plans that you have for the future?

GV: “In the next months, we will focus on the software development, improving the features as well as the user experience and user interface, with the goal to make it even easier to use. Another goal is to help the community grow by creating more projects and support for the Goliath users to get in touch with each other and with us and form a unique place for makers who want to build big projects where they want!”

A boat in the process of being built using the Goliath CNC portable router
Bringing innovative ideas to life: the portable CNC router that can create anything, anywhere. Here, a gorgeous project crafted by an Italian boat manufacturer with the Goliath CNC.

Still not convinced? Check out the avalanche of accolades received by the company below:

European Commission Seal of Excellence

iF Design Award – May 2021

Best of the Best Red Dot Award 0 April 2021

German Design Awards – October 2020

Wood Magazine 2020 Innovation Awards – January 2020

RobotUnion Product Acceleration Program – February 2019

Premio dei Premi – September 2016

Interested in learning more about Goliath’s portable CNC router? Be sure to check out some of their resources below, or contact a Wurth Machinery specialist at (800) 422-4389.

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– Workflow:

– Unboxing:

– How-To’s

Cantek JEN-60 Drawer Notcher

Image of Cantek JEN-60 Drawer Notcher
Cantek JEN-60

The Cantek JEN-60 Drawer Notcher is designed to notch and drill the underside of a drawer box for mounting undermount drawer slides.


  • Pneumatic cutter & drill stroke by foot pedal operation
  • Cutter stroke and drill speed are adjustable for optimum finish results
  • Drill will automatically position for both left and right drawer notches by activating a switch in the fence
  • Machine will not cycle unless a drawer is up against the switch for safe operation
  • Insert knife cutterhead with solid carbide inserts for optimum finish results and long tool life
  • 2-1/4” (57mm) wide cutter allows for a wide range of undermount slides
  • Comes with insert cutterhead with inserts and 1/4” (6.3mm) solid carbide drill bit
  • Capable of notching up to 220 drawer boxes (both left and right) per hour

Machine Includes:

  • Solid carbide drill bit 1/4” (6.3MM) 118°
  • 10” (255mm) x 2-1/4” (57mm) insert cutter head with 70 pcs.

Download a copy of the specifications sheet for the Cantek JEN-60 Drawer Notcher below.