Explore a wide array of these power tools at Wurth Louis and Company for all your woodworking needs. Whether you want to cut through thick wood, metals, laminates, or plastics, we got you covered. We carry various types of saws to handle both simple and complex tasks. From panel, table and band saws to rip, panel and vertical saws, find everything under one roof. Perfect to work with curves, tricky shapes, crosscuts and corner cuts, our line of these saws delivers superior cutting performance. You can make your choice from reputed brands like Safety Speed Cut, JPW Industries, Tigerstop LLC, and more. Working on a new project? Get your hands on our panel saws to easily achieve cross cuts.
Bandsaws 54 products
Panel Saws
Panel Saws 36 products
Rip Saws
Rip Saws 7 products
SawStop 64 products
TigerStop 122 products
Table Saws
Table Saws 92 products
Vertical Saws
Vertical Saws 37 products
Cut-Off/Chop Saws
Cut-Off/Chop Saws 15 products
Radial Arm Saws
Radial Arm Saws 5 products

Our line of saws from SawStop is all about power, high performance, safety, and ergonomics. SawStop uses a revolutionary safety technology in all its table saws that activates the safety system and the aluminum brake when the skin comes into contact with the blade, ensuring nothing but safety. Creating a range of woodworking designs is easy with our selection of band saws. While our panel saws make it easy to cut large sheet materials, our vertical saws allow for cuts at complex angles.