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Omal hbd 1300 cube Open Frame Horizontal Bore and Dowel Machine
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Omal hbd 1300 cube Open Frame Horizontal Bore and Dowel Machine

  • Part Number: SCMOMAL1300CUBE
  • S000118.1
  • by OMAL


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Base Design and Construction

OMAL machines are built for maximum durability. The frame is constructed with 10 mm thick tubular steel which is internally welded and gusseted every 400mm for strength and rigidity. It is then heat treated and cooled slowly to make a stress-free, reliable machine.

Machine Operation

OMAL utilizes Wood System by TPA as the software interface for the machine.  The user friendly software makes the machine extremely versatile.  The machine is equipped with a full PC interface used for writing and storing programs.  Programs can be written parametrically, can include IF/THEN conditional statements, and are generated using graphical icons (drill, glue, dowel check boxes).  The selection of the offset of tools for inserting and for operations on different left and right hand references is automatic.

The machine is programmable in the X, Y and Z axis and equipped with precision brushless motor, ball nut and ball screw for quick positioning.  The movement of the carriage is on linear rails with square guides.

The software has a list manager that allows different parts to be run in each field and to control the production sequence.  Lists can be saved for future reference plus the machine can be controlled by bar code list and/or program names.

The HBD 1300 OF is manufactured by OMAL under contract for SCM Group.

Machine Configuration

The HBD 1300 OF Horizontal Bore, Glue, and Dowel machine is a numerically controlled machine to drill, glue and insert dowels on horizontal pieces with FOUR loading zones.

Cycle time of approximately ONE second for each bore, glue, and dowel insertion when holes are on 64 mm intervals!!

The machine is equipped standard with a single drill and piggyback glue and dowel insertion unit with standard set up for 8mm dowels.  The selection of the loading zone (left, left center, right center, or right) is executed by CNC.   Open Frame configuration with central and side references excludable for large panels. This means that you can process up to an 8’ panel using alternate referencing

The dowel insertion revolver holds a dowel while a dowel is inserted plus checks via fiber optic sensor to see if next dowel is present to prevent misfeeds.  The OMAL “SURE SHOT” revolver system guarantees a dowel is inserted every time!

Drilling Unit

Number of drilling units 3+3
Drill motor kw/Hp .075/1
Drills rotation speed 6000 rpm
Maximum depth of holes 55mm (2.16")
Maximum diameter of drill 10mm (3/8")

Dowel Insertion Unit

Number of dowel insertion unit 1
Standard dowel dimension 8x35mm
Maximum dowel length 50mm
Maximum dowel projection 25mm
  • 2 position revolver for dowel
  • Fiber optic sensor for dowel presence
  • The drill and dowel inserter are 64mm centers unless otherwise specified

Dowel Vibrator Bowl

Capacity 2000 dowels

Glueing and Cleaning Unit

Capacity of glue tank 8 Liters
Capacity of cleaning tank 8 liters
Maximum glue viscosity 900 cps
  • Programmable control of glue amount
  • Injector unit with inductive sensor to verify glue is shot
  • Injector with double reinforced seals to ensure no nozzle leakage

WIDTH Axis, CNC with ball screw & brushless motor

Installed torque 2.4 Nm
Working Area 1300mm (50")
Carriage travel speed 50m/min (160ft/min)

DEPTH Y Axis, CNC with ball screw & brushless motor

Installed torque 1 Nm
Working Stroke 80mm (3.25")
Head travel speed 15m/min

HEIGHT Z Axis, CNC with ball screw & brushless motor

Installed torque 1 Nm
Working stroke 60mm (2.4")
Head travel speed 7.5m/min

Three Horizontal Drills - Positioned below the vertical drills

  • Each drill bit independent
  • 32mm on center
Drill rotation speed 6000 rpm
Maximum bore depth 57mm bit 30mm
Maximum bore depth 90mm bit 55mm
Maximum bit diameter 25mm
Drill motor power 1.1kW

Three Vertical Drills - Positioned above the horizontal drills

  • Each drill bit independent
  • 32mm on center
Drill rotation speed 5000 rpm
Maximum distance from edge of panel 55mm
Maximum bit diameter 35mm
Drill motor power 1.1kW

PC Numerical Control

Machine equipped with PC for control of all axes

  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
  • Color 17" flat screen monitor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 512 Gig SSD
  • Complete keyboard and mouse
  • Ethernet network card 10/100
  • Multitasking CNC
  • Connection to CNC with LAN port

CNC Characteristics

  • 3 axis NC
  • 3Mbit Fieldb us for input/output remote
  • Simple and intuitive software
  • Auto left, center and right programming
  • List manager to sequence programs
  • Graphic menu for selection of macros
  • Parametric programming
  • Graphicla aids
  • Conditional programming with built-in simulation checking
  • Pre-programmed executive lists
  • Internal self-diagnosis, historical report of alarms

General Information

  • Vertical and horizontal clamps: 4 + 2
  • Voltage/Hz/Phase: 460V (220V)/60Hz/3~
  • Amps: 6A
  • Control Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Air Pressure: 6 BAR (101 psi)
  • Dust (CFM): 500, 2 Ports

Spotlight 1300 Visual Work Zone Indicator

The light bar is mounted across the work bench for the operator to immediately identify the work-piece to load in the working zone. The SpotLight is controlled by the PLC to give optic reference of the size of part to load. Based on the list of programs running the SpotLight 1300 takes away the operator’s need to refer to the controller by displaying the light in sequential order.

* Sold in quantities of 1
* Sold in quantities of 1
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