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SCM N100-15CR+ Morbidelli N100 Machining Center
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SCM N100-15CR+ Morbidelli N100 Machining Center

  • Part Number: SCMN100CR+
  • N100-15CR+


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The N100 Machining centre is designed and engineered for machining wood, non-ferrous metals and plastics. Thanks to the unique design and PRO-SPACE safety systems directly integrated onto the machine, a reduced floor space is required and is accessible from all sides to place panels or small components on the work table.



Loading zone completely free to reduce the space occupied to the minimum. The absence of perimeter protections facilitates the work table access on all the sides of the machine.


Zero play during machining with the new RO.AX technology (Rotoaxial spindle technology), the most efficient spindle on the market with rotation speeds up to 8000 rpm. The sturdiness of drilling heads is proven by the reduced maintenance costs: five times less than that imposed by the majority of other machine manufacturers.


Sturdy and practical work table, resistant over time thanks to its laminate aluminum structure.
Easy and quick setting with the magnetic locking system of the vacuum: in a few seconds the vacuum is activated only in the positioning area of the piece to be machined.


Performance without comparison with the mobile gantry structure that allows for high machining speeds whilst guaranteeing the best end products quality.


SCM uses prismatic guides for support in all axes.  Due to their added weight load capability (approximately 4 times that of conventional round guides), prismatic type guides can permit accurate head positioning at high speeds

A.C. servomotors, or A.C. brushless motors as they are sometimes called, are the latest in electronic linear motion technology.  A.C. servomotors use less power and produce a more even output (drive) throughout the power band. The ability to maintain a constant torque setting when going from an idle setting into a heavy rout produces cleaner cuts and longer tool life. These motors are controlled by digital supply cards that offer the reliability and precision fine tuning associated with solid state electronics.

Solid State frequency inverters support the programmable router spindle speeds (S functions). By utilizing digital inverter technology, the programmer can select the correct cutter RPM and match it to the correct linear/rotational feed speed for the specific application and/or material being cut. This will give optimum quality of cut while greatly extending tool life. The inverter also acts as an electronic brake, stopping the router spindle motor in microseconds if an emergency signal is given.

63.05.22 Eye-M "PRO Molbile Console Device connected to the CNC machine which allows the usage of the supplied software. The integrated LED light bar allows the operator to check in real time the state of the machine (emergency, operative, etc.) without the need to be on the console itself. It is equipped with an iPC with "fan-less" construction and IP53 grade protection (IP65 on the front side). This robust solution grants the highest durability even in the worst environmental conditions which an industrial site may present. The 21.5" LCD color display through a 16/9 sized touch screen grants an unbeatable easiness and efficiency in controlling the main functions of the machine, also through:

  • Full HD display resolution 1920x1080
  • LED lighting
  • Multi-touch screen – 10 points of contact
  • Wide visual angle 176° Horizontal / 160° Vertical
  • "Zero Pixel Defect" quality
  • Intel i7 – 2,9-3,8 GHz
  • RAM 8GB – DDR4
  • Hard disk: 256GB – SSD
  • O.S. Windows Embedded Standard 10 - 64bit
  • QWERTY keyboard with English layout
  • Wired mouse – 3 functions
  • Ethernet port RJ45
  • USB port 3.0 protocol supported
  • Nominal operating temperature: +5°C / +35°C

63.03.73 Remote "TECPAD" Pendant The 7” COLOR display allows for the effective management of all machine functions from movement of controlled axes in Manual Jog Mode to loading and execution of a program. The unit is also fitted with a USB Port, which allows for a quick load and setup of new programs,

“HE” High efficiency aluminium table, with single area. Vacuum holes set at 120 mm step, closure by means of rapid magnetic system “patent pending”. Grooves are set at 20mm from each other for fixing of the workpiece using neoprene rubber gaskets.

High capacity aluminum table, with dual vacuum areas has an answer to most component nesting scenarios.  The Vacuum holes set at 120 mm pitch, closure by means of rapid magnetic system “patent pending”. Grooves are set at 20mm from each other for fixing of the workpiece using rubbers seals.

 In addition to nesting full sheets, the Morbidelli N100 can also be used for routing smaller components.  For work on the face of the component, rubber gasket material can be used to isolate the vacuum for part hold-down.  This eliminates the need for special fixturing devices as is necessary on many machines.  When machining the edges of parts, the patented MODULSET system raises the component so work can take place without damage to the worktable.

The magnetic system for opening and closing the vacuum passages allows for an extremely quick table set up when the vacuum is only required in a portion of the table. With a dedicated tool (supplied) it is a matter of seconds to perform the set up with no need for a screwdriver.

63.03.53 3 Left Stops for "A" Field of Which (1) Side Stop and (2) Rear Stops

No. 3 front stops and no. 1 left lateral stop for E field, no. 3 front stops and no. 1 right lateral stop for H field. Total 8 stops

It is particularly suitable for hot climates and for the use of materials sensitive to the heat; this ventilation system and base insulation ensure a low temperature of the working table

It maintains temperature of approx. 18°C inside the electric cabinet.  This option is advisable in environment with temperatures over 35°C. Does not include installation cost

The Morbidelli N100 is equipped with Bumpers on both sides of the mobile unit. This system allows for safe movement near the machine while saving floor space by eliminating peripheral protection normally required

9.5 kW Routing Electro Spindle Unit

It includes:

  • HSK F 63 quick release tool-holder
  • 1500 - 24000 rpm spindle speed
  • (S1/S6) 8/9,5 kW (11/13HP) constant motor power from 12000-18000 rpm
  • Right and left rotation
  • Static inverter for continuous speed and rapid shutdown of rotation
  • Exhaust hood around whole perimeter

No.4 air blowers capable to convey the chips produced by the cutter during machining. This facilitates the chip ejection.

Presetting for HITECO angular driven heads

63.03.54 Tool Touch Probe allows for detecting tool length without running a test program

63.04.05 TR Position Tool Changer Side tool holder with reduced inter axis, in order to accommodate a higher number of tools. Furthermore, this code includes the exhaust hood with on-off automatic positioning and manual adjustment on 4 different positions. The new available places of the tool-holders are the following: TR10 increased to 14 places.

  • Maximum number of tools that can be installed: 14
  • Tool attachment: HSK 63F

Machine equipment to install heads for non-wood applications

  • Three (3) places maximum
  • Maximum groups length, 200mm tools included

F12 Boring Unit

It includes:

  • No.12 independent vertical spindles (7 right and 5 left)
  • Attachment for vertical and horizontal bits: 10 mm diameter
  • Center-to-center distance between spindles: 32 mm
  • Bits rotation speed: 4500 rpm
  • Bits rotation speed with inverter: 8000 rpm max.
  • 2,2 kW motor power
  • Vertical ON/OFF stroke of each spindle: 60 mm

Inverter ofr boring head allows the rotating speed programming up to 8000 rpm maximum for the drilling bits and 10000 rpm for the blade. N.B. The passage between routing and boring and vice versa, implies to wait for the motor stop.

The vacuum hold-down system features a 300 cubic meter/hour vacuum pump. It offers the reliability of a substantial increase in vacuum power and allows the use of spoil boards for nesting full sheets. Optional additional vacuum pump must be external to the machine base

63.03.75 Additional 300 Cubic Meter/Hour Vaccum Pump-placed outside the machine

The correct grease level on the machine moving parts is always maintained by means of an electronic control (X, Y, Z axis)

63.03.43 Autotransformer allows the choice of 208/230 or 460 volt, 3-phase 60Hz cycle

The N100 15 CR can be equipped with an outfeed pusher on the left side.  The automatic workpiece pusher is connected to the machine’s movement in the X axis.  It can push the components with up to a total weight of 200kg (440lbs.).  Furthermore, it is equipped with an exhaust system that automatically cleans the spoil board during the unloading phase.  Automatic adjustment of the pusher height though a lining on the support panel (included in the machine supply

  • Top Exhaust outlet diameter: 300 mm oval
  • Bottom Exhaust outlet diameter: 200 mm
  • Exhaust air speed: 30 mt/sec
  • Exhaust air consumption: 3400 m3/h
  • It can push the workpieces up to a total weight of:
  • Morbidelli n100 12 = Kg 150 (330lbs)
  • Morbidelli n100 15/S18/S22-31 = Kg 200 (440lbs)
  • Morbidelli n100 22-43 = Kg 300 (660lbs)
  • Maximum thickness (spoil board included): 40 mm
Working area along X-Y-Z axes 3686-1555-150mm
Stroke along X-Y-Z axes 4230-1985-250mm
Vectorial speed X-Y axes 35 meters per minute
Working Table Type Multifunction Aluminum
Working Table # of stops for A area No. 4
Working Table Vacuum Pumps 250/300 m3/h
Boring head vertical spindles 7 (4X-3Y) 8000 rpm -12 (8X-4Y) 8000 rpm
Horizontal Spindles 4 (2X-2Y) 8000 rpm - 6 (4X-2Y) 8000 rpm
Integrated blade in X axis 125mm - 10000 rpm
Motor Power 2,2 kW 3 HP
Electro spindle standard motor power 6,6 kW (9) HP
Max Speed 24000 rpm
Side Tool Changer 10 Places
Installed Motor Power 23÷28,5 KVA
Compressed Air Consumption 400 NL/min
Extraction Air Consumption 5300 m3/h
Exhaust Air Speed 30 m/sec
Exhaust Outlet Diameter 250mm



* Sold in quantities of 1
* Sold in quantities of 1
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